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Roles at Chimeron offer an unparalleled experience to develop RNA-based drugs across multiple therapeutic areas. While there are currently no open positions, please feel free to contact us with any inquiries or check back at a later date for open positions posted in the future.

Eligible or interested applicants are encouraged to send their resumes or CV to with the Position Title in the subject heading.

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Chimeron Bio is committed to conducting the Highest Quality of cutting-edge Research and Development to better human lives with our transformative drugs.

We lead by incorporating Integrity, Transparency and Ethics in every decision we make.  We achieve by showing Respect for All. We grow by fostering Growth for All. We want everyone at Chimeron Bio to take Pride in the company they work for, the Value they add, the Impact they create and the Difference they make. We move Forward Together, as a team, each day and every day.

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See how Chimeron Bio is applying ChaESAR to develop therapeutics in our key focus areas of oncology, liver, and kidney-related genetic disorders and infectious diseases.

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