RNA Leads the Way for a COVID-19 Vaccine

April 16, 2020  |  By Chimeron Bio  |  2 Minute Read

The COVID-19 pandemic caused by the novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 has impacted us all severely. As confirmed cases and deaths continue to rise worldwide, the scientific community is working hard to stop the spread now and reemergence in the future.  Leading the way is a next generation vaccine based on synthetic RNA biology.  Unlike traditional vaccines which use recombinant viral proteins or inactivated viral particles to activate the immune system, RNA vaccines deliver the viral genetic material to the body for it to make  and then present these “home-grown” viral antigens to the immune system to trigger antibody development.  If successful, such an approach will not only be effective, but will also validate a customizable option, enabling the speedy delivery of new vaccines should another novel pandemic or epidemic arise.

We at Chimeron Bio have joined the fight to develop a COVID-19 vaccine using our novel RNA-based ChaESAR™ platform.  Our technology not only harbors the benefits of leading RNA vaccines, but also goes beyond. First, Chimeron’s ChaESAR™ technology harnesses the power of self-amplifying RNA (saRNA)- the ability to make multiple copies from a single piece of RNA and have a sustained response.  This translates to achieving the desired efficacy with a much lower dose, and therefore, a single batch of a low-dose ChaESARTM formulation could vaccinate many more people worldwide.

A second major advantage is embedded in the making of our ChaESAR™ particles. While other mRNA and saRNA technologies rely on in-vitro transcription of the target message followed by lipid coating to encase the synthetic RNA, resulting in a complex manufacturing process, ChaESAR™ particles self-assemble. Synthesis of ChaESARTM particles bypass in-vitro transcription enabling fast, scalable, and low-cost development. Third, the ChaESAR™ particle can be modified to target and deliver the viral genetic material to the immune cells of interest. Finally, the ChaESAR™ particle can deliver multiple antigens simultaneously and therefore, can easily switch from a single-target vaccine to a broad-spectrum design. The multiple antigen approach allows the development of vaccines that could be deployed to treat versions of the virus that arise over time in the future.  Our vaccine development is under way and by virtue of our superior science and technology properties, we are hopeful our vaccine will make a broad impact globally.

RNA technology is indeed a promising approach for the rapid development of safe and effective vaccine against infectious diseases such as COVID-19.  At Chimeron Bio, we are committed to using our RNA technology to develop treatments that are effective and affordable worldwide.  Find out more about us at

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