Our Pipeline of saRNA-based Therapeutics:
Developing the Next Generation of RNA Drugs

At Chimeron Bio, we are committed to the development of our ChaESARâ„¢ particle and RNA technology to bring forward innovative therapeutics across indications.  Our current pipeline includes  programs in oncology, liver and vaccines that are novel, highly differentiated and that stand to improve the lives of patients worldwide. 

chimeron pipeline
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CB-101 is an off-the-shelf personalized  RNA drug designed to engage the immune system by upregulating tumor neoantigens. Click to see how it works.

Rare Diseases

We are investigating ChaESAR RNA therapy for gene and metabolic disorders of the liver.



Our ChaESARâ„¢ technology is uniquely positioned to address the immediate need to develop a vaccine for SARS-Cov2, the virus responsible for COVID-19.  As part of our social responsibility, Chimeron Bio is committed to bringing a potent vaccine, which can be made available to vaccinate people worldwide against this deadly virus. Click to see the press release.

What Makes These Medicines Compelling?

See how we’re building on the modern science of RNA and our novel technology to develop saRNA therapies that can achieve superior patient response at a lower dose.

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