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March 17, 2020

Chimeron Bio Launches Vaccine Program for COVID-19

PHILADELPHIA, PA– Chimeron Bio, an RNA therapy company, has launched a program towards discovery of a vaccine for SARS-Cov2, the coronavirus responsible for COVID-19. This venture will leverage the company’s proprietary ChaESARTM particle, a self-amplifying RNA delivery technology that can deliver highly immunogenic viral genes to elicit a rapid immune response. In addition to RNA vaccines, the company is designing other protein- based approaches aimed at treating the disease.

“At Chimeron Bio, we believe in the use of novel technologies such as our very own ChaESARTM self-amplifying RNA platform towards the development of highly efficacious vaccines and drugs. Our unique ChaESARTM RNA technology is well positioned to address the vaccine and treatment gap posed by COVID-19 and play its part in stopping this pandemic from impacting our daily lives,” said Dr. Jolly Mazumdar, Chief Executive Officer. 

“The multifaceted nature of our ChaESARTM particle allows us to address this disease using various approaches. Our ability for flexible positioning of viral antigens combined with the delivery of RNA targeting the virus lifecycle makes ChaESARTM a robust anti-viral approach. In addition, the self-amplifying property of our platform is geared to achieve maximal efficacy with lower doses, and if successful, our vaccine will be accessible to more patients worldwide,” said Dr. Thimmaiah Chendrimada, Chief Scientific Officer.

“Given the applicability of our technology in the vaccine and RNA drug space, we look at our coronavirus program not only as a responsibility, but also as an obligation towards fulfilling our commitment to develop meaningful drugs for patients globally,” said Dr. Afshin Safavi, Chairman of the Board.

About Chimeron Bio

Chimeron Bio is a biotechnology company focused on the research of self-amplifying RNA (saRNA) towards development of novel RNA therapeutics across diseases. It is using its proprietary ChaESARTM platform to develop a pipeline of therapeutics and vaccines in oncology, rare genetic disorders and infectious diseases. Chimeron Bio believes in collaboration and partnerships with other like-minded companies and individuals to develop the next generation of drugs. It is actively seeking partners to advance its technology and product pipeline to impact patient lives. For more information, visit

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