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July 30, 2020

Chimeron Bio’s COVID-19 Vaccine Demonstrates Positive Pre-Clinical Results

PHILADELPHIA, PA–Chimeron Bio, a pre-clinical stage RNA therapy company, today announced positive pre-clinical data on its COVID-19 vaccine. Leveraging its dual RNA and protein delivery platform technology, Chimeron Bio is testing several candidates in collaboration with George Mason University’s National Center for Biodefense and Infectious Diseases (NCBID), a leader in vaccine development. Mice injected with Chimeron’s ChaESARTM vaccines induced robust antibody production and they were well tolerated across doses. The company feels confident about its repertoire of COVID-19 vaccine candidates and is preparing to start safety-toxicology assessment later this year.  Chimeron Bio is testing 4 different vaccine candidates, each with its own unique mechanism of action.

“Our core technology, licensed from the National Institutes of Health (NIH), was initially being developed for immunoncology and rare liver disorders. It is fascinating to see ChaESAR’s application beyond these disease areas and in a very serious pandemic the world is facing right now. To be able to develop a technology obtained from a federal research body to serve a pressing societal need is indeed a great honor to our company,” said Dr. Jolly Mazumdar, CEO of Chimeron Bio. “Clearly this platform has demonstrated adaptability across various disease areas. This is a major advancement in the field of RNA therapeutics, and we are committed to its full development,” she said. 

Earlier this year, Chimeron Bio announced its COVID-19 vaccine program, banking on the self-amplification capability of the ChaESAR RNA platform and its potential to develop a robust and low-cost formulation. “We embarked on this program as we believed that our RNA technology could not only provide an effective vaccine for COVID-19, but could do so at much lower doses and at a lower cost, enabling people to access it worldwide,” said Dr. Thimmaiah Chendrimada, Chief Scientific Officer. “Our pre-clinical data does support our intentions, and we plan to move forward aggressively towards the next phase of development and eventually to the clinic.”

About Chimeron Bio

Chimeron Bio is a biotechnology company focused on the research of self-amplifying RNA (saRNA) towards development of novel RNA drugs and vaccines for various diseases. The company is using its proprietary ChaESAR™ platform to develop a pipeline in oncology, rare genetic disorders, and infectious diseases. For more information, visit

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