Accessible Medicines Advisory Board:
Guiding Our Strategies to Make Our Medicines Accessible

Our Accessible Medicines Advisory Board provides expert guidance to help develop and execute strategies to make medicines developed by Chimeron Bio accessible to countries and its citizens worldwide.

Sven Otto Littorin

A successful entrepreneur and politician, Mr. Littorin is the former Minister for Employment of Sweden and President of the European Council of Ministers (EPSCO) during the Swedish Presidency in 2009.  He brings decades of unparalleled experience in delivering results in difficult environments, forging new markets, and spearheading innovative development in new economies to the team.

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Prior to this assignment, Mr. Littorin was an advisor to the Ministry of Labor and Social Development and to the Human Resources Development Fund (HRDF) in Saudi Arabia where he assisted in developing and implementing a New Labor Market Strategy, together with the World Bank and other international organizations.

Mr. Littorin is Chairman of the Board of Beowulf Mining plc, listed on the London Stock Exchange and Spotlight Markets in Sweden. Beowulf Mining is a mining exploration company with assets in Sweden, Finland and Kosovo. Mr. Littorin is also a Member of the Board of Trustees of the Ras al Khaimah Commercial Reconciliation and Arbitration Center, in the UAE. In addition, he is Partner and Senior Advisor to The Labyrinth Public Affairs, a leading Swedish political affairs consultancy, a member of the advisory boards of Gravitas, a senior strategic advisory firm in Vienna, Austria, and of QuadFi, a Canadian student pier-to-pier lending platform.

Mr. Littorin is also a co-founder of the Innovation for Jobs Summits, bringing together a select group of international leaders from politics, academia and business to discuss innovation and jobs. The summits, held annually in Menlo Park and on a regional level at several other locations around the globe, aims to build a global network of leaders which develop and share best practices on these issues. The summits are co-sponsored by Google, Kaufmann Foundation, Bertelsmann Foundation, SRI International, Bloomberg Government, Ideo and others.

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